My weekly workout routine



When it comes to weight training, I am what you can call a true beginner because I had never touched a weight before setting my weekly workout routine. To enable me to get on track, I have had to undertake a four-week program that has led to my current regimen. During the first week, I started with a full-body training split, which basically meant training all my major body parts in each workout. I trained three days the first week, exercising a single body part during each session. The rest day between each training day was essential to enable body recovery. Thus, Monday, Wednesday and Friday were full-body workout days, Tuesday and Thursday were recovery days and Saturday and Sunday were rest days.

My exercise sessions involved a collection of basic moves or free-weight movements that I had to master to obtain long-term rewards in strength and muscle size. I did three sets of every exercise for every workout so I got a total of nine sets for every body part. The exercises included: dumbbell bench presses; lat pulldowns; overhead dumbbell presses; leg presses; lying leg curls; rope pressdowns; barbell biceps curls; standing calf raises; crunches. I finish the day at home where I train for another 15 minutes with my standing punching bag.



During the second week, I trained different body parts on different days so my entire body was trained over the course of two days. The week comprised of two days for the upper body and two days for the lower body, with Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday as rest or recovery days. I carried over some exercises from week 1 to week 2, with the addition of one move to each bodypart routine, except for the abs. This allowed me to more completely exercise all muscle groups from multiple angles. I did two chest exercises, and a dumbbell bench press, which is a compound movement involving multiple joints or the elbows and shoulders in order to work as many muscles as possible. I also did an isolation exercise via a dumbbell flye involving just one joint while targeting the pectorals more greatly.

In week three, which begins this coming Monday, I shall be stepping up to a three-day training split. This will involve training all my ‘pushing’ body parts including my triceps, shoulders and chest, then working on the ‘pulling’ body parts including the biceps and back on Tuesday, then my lower body including my quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves on Wednesday. I rest on Thursday, then hit the gym on Friday to do the same as what I did from days 1 to 3. An added exercise will be there of course, to provide even more aspects through which I will be training my target muscles.

On week 4, I shall be training 4 days a week, with a 4-way split that targets each body part just once. I will train my calves and abs twice. The routine gives each muscle group enough focus and will let me train with greater intensity. Waiting to get past this week to that, folks!

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