Music I listen to when I hit the heavy bag



I recently came across a list of the top ten songs for boxing workouts. Even though some of the tunes suggested by the admin of this blog are kind of dated, I have to say that most of them are actually great recommendations. Hit’em Up by Tupac used to be one of my favorite things while I was growing up, so I think it is more than appropriate for any boxing workout session.

Whether you’re into hip-hop or rock, the point is that you can create a comprehensive playlist of your favorite songs as long as they are energetic and they can somehow convince you have to throw in some kicks and punches at your heavy bag. If you don’t like going to the studio to do so, it’s not a problem. You can safely install your punching bag in your basement using several systems that you can purchase online or just your ceiling, as long as you’re absolutely certain that the bag won’t become a dangerous weapon once it starts hanging.

If you’re not into rap and other styles in this sense, perhaps you might like a playlist that includes some of the best tunes for weight training in the hard rock and metal genre. Papa Roach is amazing if you’re looking for some rock songs that can get you in the mood for a workout. Shinedown has other great songs, as well.

If you have data on your smartphone, you can use YouTube to listen to the songs that I have mentioned or the ones that you will be choosing. However, keep in mind that this might make you consume the data in no time. There’s an online radio that I have found to be useful in certain situations, and it’s called Jango. I used to listen to it when I went to the gym, which I had to do in order to get rid of a lot of weight. Obviously, if you’re willing to spend some money, there’s nothing stopping you from buying the songs from iTunes or any other service of this kind.

Since I like doing my exercise at home, in my basement, I just take my laptop with me downstairs. One thing that I’ve been meaning to buy for quite some time is a pair of wireless headphones with the help of which I can listen to music without having to hear those hits on the leather of the heavy bag. Believe it or not, they can get a bit frustrating after a while.

I hope these tips have helped you some way or the other. If they did, don’t hesitate to write a comment and tell me about it. I’m also open to new suggestions.

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