About Me



I used to be an overweight guy. Yes, I had been way over my ideal body weight for so long, the disadvantages just hit me one day like a blow to the solar plexus. I couldn’t get a girlfriend or go out as often with my friends, most of whom also used to be overweight as well. So Friday nights and Saturdays were spent on the couch doing nothing more exciting than watching TV or playing computer games. Pretty lazy, right? But we all decided one day to get off our butts because we had started complaining about broken down feet, or how we had gotten flat footed because of the additional weight our feet had to carry for so long. Our foot arches had collapsed and we were borderline diabetic. We were all afraid of the complications of the disease that, if not treated properly, could result in amputation. No matter what types of shoes we wore, we all felt foot pain.


There were even more things that made me want to lose all my excess weight. I hated looking at my drooping body parts and pendulous jowls. There was too much excess tissue and sagging skin here and there, you couldn’t tell where my waist ended and my hips began. I had even started thinking maybe it was the other way around, you know, hips over waist. Haha!


My triceps flapped like wings, my chin sagged worse than my grandma’s, my derriere had fallen like I had given birth to the world’s entire population and my tummy hung so low over my belt, I didn’t even need a belt at all because the waist of my pants got engulfed by all the excess fat in the middle of my body. I worried as much about body odor as I did about my difficulty in breathing.


I also sacrificed life quality by not being able to walk as freely as other people with healthy weight. Tying my shoelaces gave me headaches because of how I had to hold my stomach in and cut off oxygen to my head in the process. I was afraid I was going to die before my time. During the annual physical check up at work, the doctor told me I was in very real danger of heart disease. This spurred me to act fast!


I got into sports to lose weight.


I wanted to be active and have fun at the same time, and my fat buddies agreed. We didn’t want the usual workout routine that could get boring with time, so we all made a choice to change our behavior to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle. On my own, I created a new approach to my behavior toward stress and myself. I took the power back by creating new things to do dynamically in my life and new choices. I got into sports with my pals, with whom I also did activities that all of us genuinely enjoyed and gave us the most incredible benefit, which is a better body image. The most important thing for me was taking my focus away from the weighing scale and becoming more proud of what my body could do to help me work towards better sports performance. With sports, I was able to redirect my focus from the opinion of society to the exciting lifestyle and adventure in the new activities I could do with my friends.


I decided to make sensible choices in food.
I didn’t attempt to crash diet. In my endeavor to make my choices feel better, I promised myself that I would make actively smart choices, both in my nutrition selections and activity levels. I refused to treat food as a regime. I decided to consume filling foods that would stick with me. The most satiating foods contain plant-based fat, protein and fiber, which slow down the digestion and ensure optimal nutrient absorption. This process has helped me feel physically full longer with no insulin and blood sugar spikes. With the number of stones I have lost, there’s no turning back, as the only way to go is forward. This blog serves to tell you about my activities and choices towards a healthy lifestyle.